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About Us

Welcome to BookXcess Online Store! The first Malaysian Online Bookstore that offers 50%-80% OFF ALL books, 365 days a year!

Ever noticed the high cost of books in Malaysia? We did and we did not like it. That is why way back in 2006, we started BookXcess - a small store with the big dream of helping Malaysians kick-start their reading habits. We do that by bringing you great books at unbelievable prices. Pick up one of our books and you will often find that we have saved you as much as 80% off the same title elsewhere! So, with us, every day is a warehouse sale - only you get the comfort and convenience of a standard bookstore, too.

And ever since we started, we have only gotten bigger and better. In 2007, after receiving encouraging response from the public we moved to a larger store, where we have been busy sourcing more titles and implementing promotions, with the aim to help you save even more.

Our books are new and we manage to offer them at 50 - 80% off the original list price because we sell remainder and overprinted books. In fact, BookXcess is now one of Malaysia's largest sellers of Remainder Books. Remainder Books are new, unread books that the publisher sells-off in bulk to reduce excess inventory. Publishers sometimes overprint books and can't sell all of them to standard bookstores. As they are trying to clear their stock, we receive these copies at a discount, which we then pass on to you.

In some cases, the books may have minor shelf wear and the publisher may place a mark (a small line or dot) on the edge of the book to identify it as a Remainder Book. Below are four examples of books with minor shelf wear and remainder markings.

Since these remainder marks are done by hand and often not in the same location, we are unable to provide information on specific markings on each title.

At BookXcess we love reading books just as much as you and we are always looking for ways to expand our shelf space and selection. With your continued support, that is just what we will do - so you can always read more for less.

Warmest regards,
The BookXcess Team


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