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From scriptwriting through to production, this introduction to animation for students surveys key te..
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Amateur photographers can create more nuanced, high-impact photography with this guide to the comple..
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This striking book explores contemporary portraiture from the past decade. The selection features cu..
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Watercolor is a wonderful medium, but it does sometimes seem to have a "mind of its own," refusing t..
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"The Colored Pencil Artist's Handbook" is a step-by-step guide through a range of blending, mark-mak..
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In this imaginative new book, Barrington Barber presents an array of interesting subjects, including..
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Learn to paint in watercolor, acrylics, or oils with all the techniques you'll need for maximum enjo..
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Acrylic is used by many well-known professional artists, but is rather less popular with amateurs. T..
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Learn how to use and enjoy one of the most satisfying painting mediums with this handy compact guide..
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"Acrylic Made Easy" is a new dynamic technique and project-driven series devoted to introducing begi..
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The Chinese Art Book is a beautifully presented, authoritative and unprecedented overview of Chinese..
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Experimental Formats 2 collects together innovative books, brochures, and catalogs featuring the mos..
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Kawaii Design+ focuses on each artist's understanding of kawaii, asking them to present their own pe..
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Keeping up with the first volume's top quality, this second volume adds a variety of posters for new..
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Including 117 most expressive cases of wall decoration design and concept design, 'Art on the Wall' ..
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Classic modern design never goes out of style: it is merely retired or subtly adapted to its given p..
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The Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami, the England riots and beyond: "Our World Now 5" captures 2011..
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This is a foundation course in the art and practice of digital animation. Step-by-step tutorials, pr..
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Typography has jumped off the printed page to stand on its own as branding, sculpture, and even arch..
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Based on the idea that it's not what a picture looks like but what it feels like that makes it good,..
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