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The book has been the number one information carrier for many centuries; even in the digital age, bo..
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Light is the essence of photography. Follow master photographer Rick Sammon at dawn in Kenya or nigh..
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Chinese Characters introduces readers to the art and meaning of Hanzi. Each Chinese character is dis..
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Adhering to certain layout and grids standards and principles is important for any job from brochure..
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This is a fully illustrated guide to the glorious riches of New Yorks museums and galleries, drawing..
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Departing from paper's persuasive use as a printing material, 'Perfect Paper' explores the unconvent..
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China has a long history of cloth making, and silk products were already available as early as the Y..
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Coloring encourages both mindfulness and creativity, allowing the brain to relax from the stresses o..
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As the social media age continues to grow, so does our fascination with capturing moments of our liv..
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Making a house a home requires personal touches, and what's more personal than adding your own art w..
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Packed with concept art, character backgrounds, design inspirations, and interviews with key animati..
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Published to coincide with the release of Warner Bros. and Legendary's Godzilla, directed by Gareth ..
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Depicting the Paris of his day, Edouard Manet (1832-1883) captured the nineteenth-century urban expe..
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A window into a world of extraordinary beauty and mystery, China: A Celebration in Art and Literatur..
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Minimalist Decor brings together the best examples of minimalist construction and design, all of whi..
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It wasnt till several years ago that the idea of returning to nature overwhelmed the society. As the..
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For many people, shopping catalogues are a passion. They are a place to dream, get ideas and an exce..
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This book show all kind of different design of beautiful design of jewellery...
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With over 600 photographs, the book offers an extensive selection of the best kitchens with examples..
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Type can be commonly seen in our everyday life, from book covers, commercial posters, to prints on T..
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