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Reimagine your favorite works of art from Claude Monet and other impressionist artists with this ins..
RM67.40 RM17.90
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Produce beautiful dog portraits with this second book in the color-by-number Trianimals series, feat..
RM67.40 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Traditional trends and influences from the East have pervaded popular Western culture in the last fe..
RM97.40 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

A celebration in quote and pattern of the 14th century art of adorning objects. Adornment originated..
RM58.40 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

The third volume in the best-selling LogoLounge series providing 2,000 logos from designers worldwid..
RM129.90 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

This irresistible guide breaks down the seemingly complex field of contemporary design into nine eng..
RM112.30 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

"The Wrinklies Guide to Drawing" provides the aspiring hobbyist wrinkly with a complete introduction..
RM64.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

A handy motif book with 400 Chinese-style motifs, which is one of the most popular styles for all ki..
RM84.40 RM19.90
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One of the world's best collections of period designs brought together as an invaluable resource for..
RM130.00 RM34.90
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This book reveals the techniques that will make your landscape photography stand out from the crowd..
RM104.65 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

Presented and written by a leading fashion photographer, and serving as a practical self-teaching co..
RM107.90 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

From award-winning photographer Lara Jade comes this hip how-to guide geared to the aspiring fashion..
RM95.85 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

Mythical landscapes, unexplored places, nature's wonders and aberrations as well as the earth's terr..
RM157.50 RM39.90
Ex Tax: RM39.90

Twenty-five recent residential projects from around the United States take the concept of "green liv..
RM225.00 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Have you ever wished that you could have seen King Solomon's mighty Temple in Jerusalem or climbed t..
RM162.50 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

One of the most dynamic economic and cultural forces of the twenty-first century, Brazil is a remark..
RM130.00 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

The beauty of contemporary graphic design is that dozens of movements emerge and re-emerge from view..
RM202.50 RM39.90
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Screenprinting has moved beyond the gig poster and the tee shirt. Centuries old and made famous by A..
RM112.30 RM24.90
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This profusely illustrated book of practical tutorials and interactive exercises is an essential ins..
RM112.40 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

Barron's brand-new " Painting Class " books are set up in an instructional format that simulates a f..
RM134.90 RM39.90
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