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Mythical landscapes, unexplored places, nature's wonders and aberrations as well as the earth's terr..
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Twenty-five recent residential projects from around the United States take the concept of "green liv..
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Have you ever wished that you could have seen King Solomon's mighty Temple in Jerusalem or climbed t..
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One of the most dynamic economic and cultural forces of the twenty-first century, Brazil is a remark..
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The beauty of contemporary graphic design is that dozens of movements emerge and re-emerge from view..
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This profusely illustrated book of practical tutorials and interactive exercises is an essential ins..
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Barron's brand-new " Painting Class " books are set up in an instructional format that simulates a f..
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Pattern can be derived from many sources, if we remember to look closely. While patterns have been a..
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This is the easy guide to turning everyday snapshot photos into great pictures that you'll want to ..
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This sumptuous book takes as its subject the pair of magnificent picture-scrolls entitled "Song of E..
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After water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage on the face of the earth. In ancient China..
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This book brilliantly illustrates twenty exclusive lofts and apartments. Each project is showcased w..
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Through a stunning array of photographs, China captures the country today by revisiting one of the m..
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Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher*One Planet is a celebration of great trave..
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How to Design a Typeface tells you everything you need to know and looks at the principles and proce..
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"Donna Dewberry's Painted Garden" features 20 step-by-step projects painted on outdoor furniture and..
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Lynn Davis, known for surveys of natural and man-made wonders, has long been fascinated with the obj..
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Subtle differences in drawing and shading techniques allow artists to create a wide variety of lands..
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Drawing Made Easy: Landscapes in Colored Pencil features a variety of nature scenes and landscapes i..
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Learn to draw remarkably realistic animals step by stepInside this beautiful, comprehensive book, ac..
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