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At forty, world-renowned, prizewinning neuroscientist Dr. Wendy Suzuki set out on a journey to chang..
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From one of the greatest rock guitarists of our era comes a memoir that redefines sex, drugs, and ro..
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More than any other director, Francis Coppola exemplifies the drive and invention of modern American..
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"The most romantic memoir you're likely to read in a lifetime." --Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times b..
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In 1986, Afghanistan was torn apart by a war with the Soviet Union. This graphic novel/photo-journal..
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Proclaimed the young fighter from Louisville. Most boxing fans criticised this upstart and few belie..
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Charles Dickens is the definitive illustrated guide to the man and his works. It follows Dickens fro..
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Muhammad Ali was not only the greatest heavyweight boxer ever to have stepped into the ring, he was ..
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Written especially for a young audience, a must-read biography of Steve Jobs: visionary, entrepreneu..
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The latest title from the internationally bestselling author and foster carer Cathy Glass.Beth is a ..
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Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a pioneering photographer, Oxford don and mathematician, who - as Lewis..
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From the grand houses of Brighton to imposing London mansions, life as a kitchen maid could be exhau..
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The second volume of memoirs from the author who inspired the BBC series All Creatures Great and Sma..
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Farah Ahmedi's "poignant tale of survival" ("Chicago Tribune") chronicles her journey from war to pe..
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Describes the life and illustrious career of the writer, scientist, and statesman, from his youth in..
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Reinventing Food charts Ferran Adria's transition from comparative obscurity to becoming the focus o..
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From Hoboken to Hollywood, Frank Sinatra was always a larger-than-life package of talent, charisma a..
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The authorised biography of one of the greatest storytellers of all time, written with complete acce..
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In 1879, Carl Bock was commissioned by his Excellency Van lansberge, the Governor-General of the Net..
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The inspiring story of two brothers who immigrated to America from India and took very different pat..
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