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Biographies & Memoirs

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"My Life and Work" is the autobiography of Henry Ford. Written in conjunction with Samuel Crowther, ..
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An American classic rediscovered by each generation, The Story of My Life is Helen Keller’s account ..
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Karen Blixen's Out of Africa is the lyrical and luminous memoir of Kenya that launched a million tou..
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Here, for the first time, is the story of Pink Floydfrom the inside out. With 116 million albums sol..
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The result of six years of research and some 1,200 interviews, this book takes fans deep into Lennon..
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Through a series of candid photographs and detailed captions, this book charts the life story of an ..
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An explosive and shocking biography of Jose Mourinho - revealing the dark side of 'the special one'...
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Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, who galvanized readers with their Pulitzer Prize winning biog..
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Tragic, comic, and utterly honest, this bestselling and critically acclaimed work is at once a famil..
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Updated with a new postscript by Amy Chua and a letter from her eldest daughter, Sophia Battle Hymn ..
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Kurt Cobain's life and death fast became rock 'n' roll legend.The worldwide success of his band,nirv..
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One of today’s most admired and controversial political figures, Ayaan Hirsi Ali burst into internat..
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This memoir from the bestselling author of Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking gives you an..
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In a sweeping narrative, the author of the mega-bestseller A Beautiful Mind takes us on a journey th..
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Lorne Campbell was an officer and enforcer for the outlaw biker club Satan's Choice for over thirty ..
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Nobody knew the truth. For all those years while people judged me, I protected those closest to me. ..
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