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THE ULTIMATE 21ST CENTURY BUSINESS STORY Ev told Jack he had to 'chill out' with the deluge of media..
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A year's worth of money-saving, life-improving tips! This book is about how you can live on less, sp..
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If you thought negotiating deals and agreements is tough in today's business environment, then you s..
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Collecting data is easy for marketers. Figuring out what to do with it is hard. Technology has made ..
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According to Paul Ormerod, author of the bestselling "Butterfly Economics" and "Why Most Things Fail..
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In The Rule Breaker's Book of Business, Roger Mavity provides clear advice and guidance for anybody ..
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Tales from the Top is a book to motivate every busy executive. Graham Alexander throws open the maho..
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Everyone, everywhere, needs lo get things done. And most of us just about manage it - or most of !he..
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Since 1978,Soundview Executive Book Summaries has offered its subscribers condensed versions of the ..
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Presenting and public speaking is a worry for many working executives and professionals. Alison Lest..
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A Celebrated Visinary And Iconoclast, Nolan Bushnell founded the groundbreaking gaming company Atari..
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No matter what, where, and to whom you sell, everything you do fits into one of three phases of the ..
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Seven simple yet powerful questions to manage data overload and make better business decisions. The ..
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In his fourteen years as CEO of Tesco, Sir Terry Leahy not only turned the company into the largest ..
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An easy-to-read guide to the four stages of a successful financial life, Bernard Kelly started his p..
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This book explores the new world of the brand - now more powerful and prominent than ever. It argues..
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Denial is the unconscious belief that a certain fact is too terrible to face and therefore cannot be..
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Geoffrey Moore is one of the most respected and bestselling names in business books. In his widely q..
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While it's impossible to force the creative process, just waiting for a flash of inspiration to stri..
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