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* One of Success magazine's Best Books of 2015 * It's difficult to ask anybody 'How are you?' withou..
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We all make decisions every day. Most of them are pretty straightforward, but every so often there a..
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Hire smart people...', 'Hold people accountable...', 'Focus on the client...'. For years, these mant..
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Money may be the husk of many things but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medic..
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How Understanding Flocks, Schools and Colonies Can Make Us Better at Communicating, Decision Making ..
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Every day, small business owners make decisions about what products to buy and who should service th..
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Boardroom lessons from a master strategist the prussian general carl von clausewitz's on war has, al..
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Designed as a working guide filled with detailed instructions for people who want to build high perf..
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Taking in an amazing range of nationalities - British, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Italian, Amer..
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A unique and fascinating guide for anyone who wants to be a better speaker, this book analyzes the s..
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Compete better...In a competitive situation our bodies can experience the same level of stress hormo..
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In this book, leading futurist and trendspotter Magnus Lindkvist takes us on a breathtaking tour of ..
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From the #1 "New York Times "bestselling author of "Who Moved My Cheese?," a brilliant new parable t..
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Renting your spare room via Airbnb, Selling jewellery you've made on Etsy, Learning a new language o..
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If you've ever been told that you 'have to do more with less' or 'work smarter not harder' and wonde..
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Talent is a company's most valuable resource. Today, more than ever, the fate of your organization d..
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Have it All for Half the Price You work hard for your money. Wouldn't you like to get more for it? L..
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With the right training, anyone can lead. With the right tools, anyone can motivate and inspire thei..
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Despite the strenuous efforts to give women equal status in the workplace over the last few decades,..
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No one has had more influence in shaping the idea of modern management than Tom Peters. An avowed en..
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