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Children's Non-fiction

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Joey can't wait to go on Cedar Class' school trip - it's a dinosaur fossil hunt! He thinks he knows ..
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Count your way through a baby's busy day! Count from 1 to 10 as this adorable baby takes a bath, g..
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"The best-selling, award-winning, step-by-step beginning reading system Now I'm Reading!? now introd..
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The Brick Bible for Kids series has followed in the footsteps of Brendan Powell Smith's bestselling ..
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This playful set is designed to provide a simple introduction to the Bible for young children and ad..
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Girls and boys ages 3 to 7 can learn words from A to Z with Nickelodeon s coolest characters! This f..
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He's beheld the butt and offered the scoop on poop. Now Artie Bennett takes young readers on a disco..
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The easy to follow, question-and-answer format accompanied by colourful photos and illustrations del..
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Alan Fletcher (1931 - 2006) is one of the most influential and respected figures in British design. ..
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Children can practice writing while learning interesting facts about their favoriete animals. Write ..
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What does the US President's private study in the White House look like? What would it be like to ge..
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First came the alphabet. Then came the numbers. Now Uglydoll cocreators David Horvath and Sun-Min Ki..
RM35.90 RM9.90
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A beautiful retelling of the Bible--describing the creation of the world, the birth of Jesus, and th..
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You start with one owl. You're counting and then, when you get to the newts you've counted to ten!..
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Shapes are here. Shapes are there. Come explore shapes. They're everywhere!..
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Beautifully illustrated with peek-through windows, Baby's First Nativity is a take-along book to tre..
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Lift the Flap Nativity helps children understand the true message of Christmas--the good news that G..
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This new children's storybook Bible is filled with the most beloved stories about Jesus, each reflec..
RM89.90 RM24.90
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Introduce little ones (ages 5 and under) to the Bible with this brightly illustrated, easy-to-unders..
RM104.65 RM29.90
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Bible Story Favorites features the amazing stories of our faith using artwork from the beloved The B..
RM65.50 RM17.90
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