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Children's Non-fiction

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It is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars, and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the..
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Hoaxes are meant to fool the world--and some people fall for them. Would you? Crop circles. Aliens o..
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In the follow up to the New York Times bestseller "The Tapper Twins" Go to War, the twins' school sc..
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One of the most well-known biblical stories joins the Penguin Young Readers program! This simple, ea..
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Unleash your inner genius and become a master of mythology with this interactive trivia book from "J..
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Travel back in time to the dinosaur age with this interactive trivia book from "Jeopardy!" winner an..
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Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis: headline-making natural disasters with devastating consequences fo..
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The Egyptian pyramids are one of the world's great wonders. Step inside these superbly illustrated p..
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In the vast realm of outer space, accidents happen all the time. Things bump into each other. Stars ..
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Travel back in time to the age of the pyramids with this interactive trivia book from "Jeopardy!" wi..
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Meet some of history's most illustrious and interesting characters in this book that visits key mome..
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The perfect activity book for all budding inventors! Science-mad kids can discover amazing invention..
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"The Dinotrux" are enormous part-dinosaur, part-truck monsters that roam the earth, rumbling and hon..
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Learn about the wonders of weather and how the world's climates are changing...
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How do we breathe? What are muscles made of? Why do we get ill?..
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"Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal" follows the story of outcast high school senior C..
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On the first day of school, one wild little boy learns how to fit in--and how to stand out!"Be yours..
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A group of unpopular fifth graders run a spy network from inside their school. With the help of cutt..
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In this new middle grade series from bestselling author Michael Buckley, international espionage and..
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Science and Imagination Collide! "The Great Hall of Dinosaurs" is an illustrated guide to studying ..
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