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Architecture & Design

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True modernity requires much more than discipline, vision, and a willingness to live without upper k..
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Herbert Ypma, the world-renowned author of style and travel books, created an entirely fresh and inn..
RM92.80 RM17.90
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This beautiful book features 100 carefully chosen images from the graphic arts, each representing a ..
RM84.40 RM24.90
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Letterpress has been undergoing a revival as a reaction to the widespread digitization of art and de..
RM116.70 RM29.90
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Each volume focusses on one of the key factors that play a role in decoration - Color, Storage, Acce..
RM69.65 RM19.90
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For over 100 years, the T-shirt has been a blank canvas for men the world over - a billboard for adv..
RM65.00 RM17.90
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A rose by another other name is still a rose.? Translation: Whatever the name, a rose has stem, peta..
RM304.55 RM29.90
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After a decade of visual overload, "Minimal Graphics" heralds a new age of graphic design. By focusi..
RM230.30 RM29.90
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This is a children's art book for grown-ups. In everyday language it shows how to explain to childre..
RM91.30 RM19.90
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A fully illustrated introductory guide to classic furniture characteristics organized according to s..
RM223.90 RM49.90
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In recent years, advances in technology and the nature of modern work have changed the requirements ..
RM390.63 RM39.90
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Compiled by architects for architcts, this is an indispensable resource for professionals seeking to..
RM208.00 RM49.90
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In line with today's landscaping trends, such as projects carried out in urban settings, in squares,..
RM165.31 RM89.90
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Rafael Moneo is a courageous architect, one who for decades has defined his own style of architectur..
RM250.00 RM69.90
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For over 50 years, the Type Directors Club has encouraged the worldwide graphic arts community to ac..
RM292.50 RM39.90
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Featuring over 200 photographs, this stunning book by renowned television historian Dan Cruickshank ..
RM162.50 RM49.90
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