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Architecture & Design

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There is nothing more expensive than a megayacht - private jets and exclusive holiday villas are sma..
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Tropical Minimal integrates the most pleasurable aspects of tropical living with a very contemporary..
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This is the first comprehensive analysis of emerging office design practice to support and enhance t..
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This book defines the history of modern interior design through the reuse of existing buildings. Thi..
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Designed to provide an introductory grounding in Typography, "The Complete Typographer" teaches the ..
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This beautiful book brings together 300 of the best architectural drawings from the last century by ..
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Print is an exciting and dynamic area of design, with new analogue and digital technologies opening ..
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Vernacular architecture, by its very nature, is built from local materials that are readily to hand ..
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Street photographers will never tire of New York as a subject. It is the perfect setting for the gen..
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The Photographer's Eye was the first systematic guide to photographic composition, and Michael Freem..
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PTang Studio is a Chinese architectural and interior design firm that strives for the finest quality..
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Dieser Band zeigt herausragende Beispiele von Privathusern in Fertigbauweise. Es wird deutlich, dass..
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More than 250 remarkable masterpieces from all over the world have been carefully selected to repres..
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The book is concerned with a relatively new design discipline at the intersection of graphic design ..
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"Doing" showcases products from activity and lifestyle oriented areas such as garden, leisure, sport..
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"Living" is a must-have for anyone looking to stay on top of the most current trends in the internat..
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