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Architecture & Design

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In this publication, over 20 renowned architects and interior designers expose their visions of the ..
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To artists and designers, a home is a canvas on which they can project themselves, a testing ground ..
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Today China's rapidly changing urban reality is a big challenge for contemporary Chinese architectur..
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Antoni Gaudi and his inimitable fluid, organic style, is inextricably linked with the city of Barcel..
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Temporary buildings can be both interim solutions that no longer serve a purpose at a specific point..
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Product packaging is much more than just a kind of container made of glass, wood oder plastic protec..
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Successful exhibition design is more than the presentation of products, objects and ideas, going bey..
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During many eras of architectural history, builders and architects aimed to construct buildings with..
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Individual life scripts are most clearly reflected in a persons home. The home s envelope and the ar..
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While Eames Lounge Chairs, Levis 501, or Chanel No.5 have always been popular and evolved into style..
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The greening of faades with plants gives a piece of nature back to the city. But a green faade is mu..
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Swiss Design has almost become a fixed term: the Swiss army knife is just one of many products that ..
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A new volume of the yearly series coined the bible of interior design by "The Times"...
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Pick up your pencils or brushes and colour in 20 of Picasso's major works, including The Matador, Th..
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Takes a sweeping look at the origins, historical influences and growth of art in the Western world, ..
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The renewed prominence of the poster as both a marketing tool and a display of artistry has led to a..
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This book covers 101 inspirational restaurant designs from around the world. Whilst many of the case..
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In the book, the "AIA" recognizes three years worth of award recipients across four categories: arch..
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With fifty distinctive award-winning projects carefully selected, the book covers seven categories o..
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"Space 2: Shop" puts together varied designs that may have been the response to a client brief or si..
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