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Architecture & Design

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In recent time, bakery is a novel concept and small bakeries are popping up every where. It is rathe..
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The consideration for designer of modern health care facilities is not only to provide a clean and e..
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Making' is the next generation of creating; it's the union of traditional techniques, from print-mak..
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The Design Museum brings you fifty typefaces that changed the world we live in! The digital revolut..
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This book International Competition contains 100 projects from the world, which are put into six cat..
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Great changes have happened to the design of warehouses and distribution centers. People not only be..
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Taking Spa as its centre, the architecture design and interior design of a spa resort aims at creati..
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Presented primarily through full page images, this book has created an international collection of t..
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All too often, the design of contemporary industrial structures is just a variation on the big-box f..
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Spa design has been popular in recent years. In contrast to the early days, when only the basic spa ..
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This book presents the design elements of fast-casual restaurant through combination of completed pr..
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If one day, you pick it up in a bookshop, you will be immediately invited into an unusual visual jou..
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Research building is a very comprehensive architectural structure, and it must meet requirements on ..
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The book is an attempt to introduce Chinese gardens in various cities from unique professional persp..
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A mountain resort is located in a picturesque zone where the ecology is sensitive, which needs scien..
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"As a carrier of human cultural information, the museum is a global cultural facility, which evolves..
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Exhibiting space is a visual feast. Thus it is definitely a challenge for designers to create such a..
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There is nothing more expensive than a megayacht - private jets and exclusive holiday villas are sma..
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Tropical Minimal integrates the most pleasurable aspects of tropical living with a very contemporary..
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This is the first comprehensive analysis of emerging office design practice to support and enhance t..
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