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Architecture & Design

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"Just Design" presents 150 inspiring design projects organised into 6 sections exploring the differe..
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"Orla Kiely is a virtuoso of vintage pattern and design." - The Sunday Business Post"Whether you're ..
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The current environmental crisis calls for a unified practice of landscape and architecture that wou..
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It can be argued that Japan contains a higher number of internationally significant architects and d..
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Cities and towns are among humanity's largest and most complex achievements. The buildings, public w..
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More Paperwork, following on from the successful Paperwork published by Phaidon in 1993, explores th..
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Graffiti made from cake icing, man-made clouds floating indoors, a luminous moon resting on water. C..
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Metals, as surface or structure- as the generators of space, play a role in nearly every strain of m..
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Without the expenses of a bricks-and-mortar shop, smaller independent brands can set up and start tr..
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For the growing number of people looking to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing hi..
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When it comes to architecture, Switzerland wields an international influence that belies its small g..
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Each project is accompanied by exact line drawing and detailed description that show the transformat..
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Being at the centre of home life, where food is prepared and hospitality emanates, every kitchen nee..
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This book brilliantly illustrates twenty exclusive lofts and apartments. Each project is showcased w..
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* A comprehensive guide to the look and feel of graphic design of the 1900s and the designers who ru..
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A study of the remarkable balancing act between architecture and engineering. It discusses and illus..
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Public Toilet Design presents a selection of 130 very diverse public toilet designs - 50 of them ins..
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The Future of Architecture Since 1889 is the definitive history of this extraordinary period. Author..
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A showcase of 30 world-class apartments for modern life in smaller spaces. Small in size but big on ..
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From the most widely used languages and scripts, to the great religious communities, to the giant st..
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