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Beauty and Fashion

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Copying the look of the world's celebrities and stars is a recurring feature of magazines and blogs...
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Debrett's presents the definitive guide for the modern man. Embracing work, home, time off, women, s..
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While fashion is subject to seasonal change, the wardrobe of the gentleman who dresses in classic st..
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Learning a new discipline is similar to learning a new language; in order to master the foundation o..
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With beautiful photographs to inspire you, Perfect Party Dresses will be your guide to making party ..
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Through his selection and description of 25 iconic vintage dresses, William Banks- Blaney tells the ..
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The essential guide to makeup from a seasoned professional. In this comprehensive guide, makeup arti..
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Whereas the 1970s opened with a fashion hangover from the 1960s, with looks such as mini skirts, bel..
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The second title in a series of concertina fold-out books features one hundred iconic examples of cr..
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This handsomely illustrated volume examines fifty of the most influential fashion designers of the p..
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Have you ever stood in front of a full closet and proclaimed, without irony, 'I have nothing to wear..
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This information-packed book introduces design students to an important segment of the fashion indus..
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Be confident. Be gorgeous. Be glamorous. The tips and tricks in this book will help girls reveal the..
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Following the success of Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks, this second volume shines a light on the wo..
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A fabulous sketch-doodle-drawing book for budding fashion designers! Meet Dottie Polka! Dottie is a ..
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Give your clothes a new lease on life! Showing how to take classic mending techniques one step furt..
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In the world of fashion trends come and go, but the work of a small number of designers has survived..
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Style, doodle, draw and design your way through over 200 pages while learning everything there is to..
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From Steve McQueen in the movie Le Mans" with his now-famous TAG Heuer Monaco to James Bond's tricky..
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This coloring book from the British VOGUE has been created by award-winning writer, fashion editor, ..
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