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Beauty and Fashion

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This stylish publication heralds a new movement in fashion the arrival of Scandinavian designers ont..
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Instyle, your celebrity and beauty authority, has amassed thousands of tips for getting your makeup ..
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This title includes in-depth interviews with Fashion Makers, from famous designers, founders of fash..
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Featuring fabric designs by more than one hundred of the worlds top fashion designers and brands, an..
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All you need to re-make your wardrobe are a few key things: great fabric, easy-to-make patterns, a h..
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For those inspired to start sewing or dressmaking, Essential Sewing is a definitive collection of pr..
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Urban Bags, bags design, introduces a wide variety of projects from different sources of creative ar..
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China has a long history of cloth making, and silk products were already available as early as the Y..
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"Fashion Box" is a stylish collection of 16 classic fashion items, as worn by the icons who made the..
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Fashion Window Shopping' showcases the most creative and unconventional retail shop window designs a..
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This book show all kind of different design of beautiful design of jewellery...
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The sudden flurry of colour and rapid spread of busy prints is the result of the new ease of compute..
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A woman's hair has always been regarded as her crowning glory: from the elaborately dressed styles i..
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Copying the look of the world's celebrities and stars is a recurring feature of magazines and blogs...
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Debrett's presents the definitive guide for the modern man. Embracing work, home, time off, women, s..
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While fashion is subject to seasonal change, the wardrobe of the gentleman who dresses in classic st..
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Learning a new discipline is similar to learning a new language; in order to master the foundation o..
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With beautiful photographs to inspire you, Perfect Party Dresses will be your guide to making party ..
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Contemporary fashion and beauty illustrations combine a wide range of exciting materials and techniq..
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Through his selection and description of 25 iconic vintage dresses, William Banks- Blaney tells the ..
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