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Home and Garden

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Erin Boyle shares practical guidance and personal insights on small-space living and conscious consu..
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Plants and gardens have always been a cornerstone of all major world religions and belief systems. "..
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Indoor plants play a large role in the design and feel of a space. Focusing on indoor gardening--fro..
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Have you ever wondered exactly how high to hang your artwork? How about the light fixture over your ..
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From subtly shimmering white subway-style walls to dramatic colorful mosaics, tile is one of the mos..
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Bring gorgeous greenery into your life with this delightful guide to decorating your living space wi..
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Dive into a refreshing take on color from one of the world's leading interiors bloggers, Will Taylor..
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GET CREATIVE! This new book celebrates hands-on creativity and offers a real treasure chest of smal..
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In Creative Family Home, Ashlyn Gibson explores the heart and soul of twelve homes that capture the ..
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After the phenomenal success of Decorate, Holly Becker offers a very personal approach to decorating..
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He looks at Shape, Colour, Placement and Personality and reveals how these seemingly abstract concep..
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The ultimate garden book both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for those..
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GET CREATIVE! This new book celebrates hands-on creativity and offers a real treasure chest of smal..
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The post-war consumer boom of the 1950s, coupled with a desire for new, innovative design resulted i..
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Perfect for people who have little space to garden, whether a doorstep, balcony, or part of a wall. ..
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The Organised Home, the new book from Real Simple magazine, is a practical, inspirational guide to s..
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This wonderful encyclopedia explains what a tree is, how it lives, grows and dies, and how its const..
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Flower Arranging A beautiful and practical step-by-step guide to making decorative display from fres..
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This is the perfect sourcebook and reference manual for anyone building a garden plant collection an..
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Today's best quality silk faux flowers are nearly impossible to distinguish from live blooms, and wi..
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