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Cukaria All-Stars (FIXI)
Laman web "" dilancar pada Januari 2017 dengan satu misi: untuk menggembirakan manusia. S..
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The Innovators
Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs, The Innovators is Walter Isaacson's revealing sto..
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Letters From Leaders
ossibly no one on Earth personally knows as many people at the helms of nations, businesses, religio..
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Jump Start Your Growth (HB)
John C. Maxwell helps readers maximize their potential with this 90-day guide based on his #1 New Yo..
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Non-fiction: Humanities

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Plastic culture. The enduring lure of a material for over 60 years. Italian company Kartell, founded..
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Published in association with the Science Museum, London, Genius: Great Inventors and Their Creation..
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The editors of Canterbury Classics have chosen to print the King James version of the Holy Bible, wh..
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This volume retraces the story and development of philosophy from the antique times to our days, wit..
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As trusted pastor Dr. Charles Stanley comes to the later years of his life, he is ready to share his..
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Proclaimed the young fighter from Louisville. Most boxing fans criticised this upstart and few belie..
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Charles Dickens is the definitive illustrated guide to the man and his works. It follows Dickens fro..
RM210.90 RM39.90
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Muhammad Ali was not only the greatest heavyweight boxer ever to have stepped into the ring, he was ..
RM195.00 RM39.90
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Restless Empire examines the past 250 years of Chinese history - in particular China's foreign relat..
RM74.95 RM19.90
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Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a pioneering photographer, Oxford don and mathematician, who - as Lewis..
RM76.55 RM19.90
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From the grand houses of Brighton to imposing London mansions, life as a kitchen maid could be exhau..
RM44.35 RM17.90
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A typically brilliant, ironic and moving travelogue by one of the twentieth century's greatest write..
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The School of Life offers radical ways to help us raid the treasure trove of human knowledge' Indepe..
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Graham Robb's new book will change the way you see European civilization. Inspired by a chance disc..
RM36.10 RM17.90
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Rachael Boast's first collection, Sidereal, was one of the most highly regarded debuts of recent yea..
RM75.85 RM14.90
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"War In The Pacific 1941-1945" looks at the relentless war against Japan in the Pacific Islands whic..
RM135.15 RM49.90
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Describes the life and illustrious career of the writer, scientist, and statesman, from his youth in..
RM179.70 RM19.90
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Delve into the secret world of espionage Take a look inside the covert world of espionage - its his..
RM97.40 RM29.90
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Through his selection and description of 25 iconic vintage dresses, William Banks- Blaney tells the ..
RM195.00 RM34.90
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Seven of history's greatest battles are given the Battlefield Detectives treatment in this fantastic..
RM84.40 RM19.90
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