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The F in Exams are over, the results are in and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the ..
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From the presenters of the hit BBC One television series Pointless and authors of The 100 Most Point..
RM46.50 RM17.90
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Included in this magnificent collection are some of the greatest works from Dave Berg--one of MAD Ma..
RM118.10 RM39.90
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Another helping of hilarity, please! Garfield, the lovable feline who never met a lunch he didn't li..
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Bart Simpson may be best known as an underachiever at school, but there is no title that this juveni..
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Join Bart and the kids of Springfield in the newest collection of comics and stories filled with mis..
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Since the 1988 launch of Foxtrot, Bill Amend has humorously depicted suburban life through the adven..
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Meet the always hilarious cast of Pearls Before Swine. Heading the cast is Rat, a men-spitited roden..
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This fourth collection of "The Far Side" cartoons ranges from neanderthals to nerds, dogs to dinosau..
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Eight full-color miniposters and the best cartoons from "The Far Side," "Beyond the Far Side," and "..
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Universal Press Syndicate newspaper feature: *FoxTrot..
RM59.90 RM19.90
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FoxTrot is character driven, as opposed to silly situation or slapstick humor. It is one of the most..
RM59.90 RM19.90
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FoxTrot distills popular culture through the lens of everyday family life--offering a deft and humor..
RM61.50 RM19.90
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Never be stuck for a wicked line again! This is the ultimate collection of insults. Here is the bigg..
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A melting pot of quotes from the writers that changed the world "What the detective story is about i..
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