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A Profound Mind : Cultivating Wisdom In Everyday Life
The Dalai Lama visited New York in 2003 and gave a series of lectures, culminating in a public talk ..
RM50.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

An Open Heart
It is my hope that the reader of this small book will take away a basic understanding of Buddhism an..
RM44.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Becoming Enlightened
Happily, we do not have to remain trapped by the past. His Holiness reveals how life-enhancing Buddh..
RM45.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Freedom In Exile - The Autobiography Of The Dalai Lama Of Tibet
In 1938 a two year old boy was recognised through a traditional process of discovery as being the re..
RM69.90 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

The Good Heart
In this accessible book, His Holiness the Dalai Lama considers such well-known Gospel passages as th..
RM44.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Heart of the Buddha's Path
The Dalai Lama describes how to bring wisdom and compassion into daily life. He explores the fundame..
RM45.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace
Bringing us closer to the essence of Buddhist teachings, and to his own peerless insight, His Holine..
RM35.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Transformed Mind
The Transformed Mind is an inspiring collection of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's talks delivered ove..
RM49.50 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Wisdom of Compassion
This is the Dalai Lama at his most human, and most humane. We see how he approaches the world with p..
RM80.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Tibet in Exile (HB)
Tibet has been a land shrouded in medievalism and mysticism for centuries, ruled from the fabled Pot..
RM157.50 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

Toward A True Kinship Of Faiths
No country, no culture, no person today is untouched by what happens in the rest of the world. Techn..
RM98.40 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Transcendent Wisdom by The Dalai Lama
This extraordinarily clear exposition on the wisdom section of the Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of..
RM76.30 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

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