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21st Century Villa
The everchanging and renewing life concept and lifestyle of people bring about more and more require..
RM222.38 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

50 Awarded Architecture (HB)
With fifty distinctive award-winning projects carefully selected, the book covers seven categories o..
RM187.50 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

AIA 2010 2012: Desogns for the New Decade (HB)
In the book, the "AIA" recognizes three years worth of award recipients across four categories: arch..
RM279.65 RM79.90
Ex Tax: RM79.90

Campus Landscape Planning and Design (HB)
"The present book takes a look at a subject area of public life which will become more and more impo..
RM174.65 RM49.90
Ex Tax: RM49.90

Card Design
This book has collected a number of distinctive works on card design from excellent designers all ov..
RM87.15 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

Clinic Planning Design (HB)
Clinic flexibly provides primary health care in local communities, in contrast to larger hospitals w..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Commercial Illustration
If one day, you pick it up in a bookshop, you will be immediately invited into an unusual visual jou..
RM88.00 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

Commercial Interiors (HB)
This is a collection of 130 commercial interiors by designers from all over the world. Various types..
RM349.65 RM99.90
Ex Tax: RM99.90

Eco Housing Design
People have been talking about sustainable building methods since 1970s, and green living is much of..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Exhibitions and Showrooms (HB)
Exhibiting space is a visual feast. Thus it is definitely a challenge for designers to create such a..
RM249.90 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

Fast-Casual Chain (HB)
This book presents the design elements of fast-casual restaurant through combination of completed pr..
RM214.63 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Food Court (HB)
The food court, as a special meal-serving place, has a character that most restaurants do not. This ..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Food Shop Interior (HB)
Designing Food Shops requires different sills compared to other retail spaces. Firstly of all you ne..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

General Hospitals Planning and Design (HB)
General hospitals provide multidisciplinary healthcare services, so the design of a general hospital..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Good Design In China
The book is an attempt to introduce Chinese gardens in various cities from unique professional persp..
RM284.12 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

Graphic Design in Architecture (HB)
To the overall architectural statement graphics make an important contribution. They also have a vit..
RM227.50 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

Hotel Architecture (HB)
Each project is unique and has to be capable to satisfy our dreams and wishes, to be capable to repr..
RM244.65 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

Hotel Guestrooms (HB)
Hotels are frequently remembered most favourably for the comfort and quality of their guestrooms and..
RM175.00 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

Hotel Restaurants and Bars (HB)
This is a book showing interior design works of restaurants and bars in hotels. The book includes a ..
RM244.65 RM69.90
Ex Tax: RM69.90

Hotels Between The Lines
The book collects 29 fashion and art forward hotels in 14 countries throughout the world, which are ..
RM209.65 RM59.90
Ex Tax: RM59.90

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