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Ace, King, Knave
Sophia - rational, demure, and hiding a 'little weakness' - has recently married the charismatic Mr ..
RM38.50 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Ian Fleming's Commandos
In 1942, Lieutenant-Commander Ian Fleming was personal assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligen..
RM54.95 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Jasper and the Green Marvel
There's a wonderful emerald necklace called The Green Marvel hidden somewhere in Haverford-Snuffley ..
RM38.45 RM9.90
Ex Tax: RM9.90

Wait now, light me up so we do this right, yes, hold me steady to the lamp, hold it, hold, good, a s..
RM43.95 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Qi: The Second Book of General Ignorance
Just when you thought it was safe to start showing off again, the bestselling authors of The Book of..
RM53.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Qi: The Third Book of General Ignorance
The Third Book of General Ignorance gathers together 180 questions, both new and previously feature..
RM53.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

On the sunlit Greek island of Skios, the Fred Toppler Foundation's annual lecture is to be given by ..
RM39.00 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Stanley : The Impossible Life of Africa's Greatest Explorer
Henry Morton Stanley was a cruel imperialist - a bad man of Africa - who connived with King Leopold ..
RM54.95 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Curse of Salamander Street
The Magenta has returned to the shores of England, carrying young Kate, her friend Thomas and the sh..
RM38.50 RM14.90
Ex Tax: RM14.90

The Faber Book of Nursery Stories (HB)
First published in 1966, this bedtime classic has been lovingly restored. Featuring the Ugly Ducklin..
RM110.90 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

The Resurrectionist
Leaving behind his father's tragic failures, Gabriel Swift arrives to study with Edwin Poll, the gre..
RM45.29 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

The Spider King's Daughter
This title is the winner of a Betty Trask Award, Shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Comm..
RM45.30 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Trouble on Thunder Mountain (HB)
When Mr Flatbrain flattens their mountain to make way for a plastic mountain theme park, the O'Sauru..
RM54.95 RM14.90
Ex Tax: RM14.90

Why Can't I Tickle Myself?
Children have a knack of asking great, but challenging, questions: Why is the sea salty? How far awa..
RM43.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

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