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They rocked and rolled the world solidly for 50 years and they're still going strong, playing record..
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This is a celebratory look at Warner Brothers Records over the past 50 years, focusing on the label'..
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Using this book you need no previous musical knowledge, it teaches you the basics of acoustic and el..
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Today's breathtaking digital animation by the likes of Pixar may have been unimaginable to such movi..
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Why does an electric arch top sound so different from a solid body guitar when they have the same st..
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Revised and expanded edition of every bass player's favorite book.  Since it was first publi..
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With each passing decade, the stature of The Godfather grows not just among film buffs but also amon..
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A step-by-step guide! Use this book to start playing straight away: no previous musical knowledge re..
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Stevie Ray Vaughan, bluesman, guitarist, and legend, was only 35 at the time of his death, but in hi..
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During the 1990s Omnibus Press published a series of books under the generic title 'The Complete Gui..
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Following the success of the Haynes Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual, this follow-up volume..
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The Millennium Falcon gets the Haynes treatment! This is a Haynes manual based on the Millennium Fal..
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I decided that I wanted to write a little book of essays about songs I loved ...Songs are what I lis..
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This is a chronological look at the development of movies and film. The book examines topics such as..
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Luckily for the aspiring rock guitarist, Phil Capone has distilled all the essential licks and chops..
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Guitar World's new Guitar Legends: Gone Too Soon is a tribute to the fallen heroes of the guitar wor..
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Features guitars that made history, that changed the course of music, that inspired new generations ..
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This comprehensive introduction to playing the rock guitar features introductory notes on technique ..
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Stringed instruments resembling the modern guitar date back 5,000 years! Most have six strings, but ..
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Researched from hundreds of unreleased Abbey Road archive tapes, featuring thousands of previously u..
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