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Non-fiction: Lifestyle

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His tongue-in-cheek technical explanations here will have you howling with laughter ..."-Daily Teleg..
RM62.23 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Inspired by the Paul Klee quote, this is an unconventional adult drawing book, in which readers are ..
RM59.90 RM14.90
Ex Tax: RM14.90

Science is often portrayed as an obscure, difficult discipline, governed by elite researchers and in..
RM107.80 RM12.90
Ex Tax: RM12.90

A "wonderful" (Harper's), "engrossing" (Parade) exploration of the most universal of human obsession..
RM72.00 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Never Use More than Two Different Typefaces presents a humorous overview of the rules governing typo..
RM51.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

A unique trait of the human species is that our personalities, lifestyles, and worldviews are shaped..
RM134.80 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

In this book, Rudolf A. Raff reaches out to the scientifically queasy, using his life story and his ..
RM157.50 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

So many ways to bend your brain! From crossword variants and word searches to..
RM67.30 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Warning: a mind-melting experience awaits you here! These Black Belt puzzles take solvers' skills to..
RM35.80 RM9.90
Ex Tax: RM9.90

Containing 12 coloured pencils, a pencil sharpener and an 88 pages colouring book full of winter won..
RM77.90 RM14.90
Ex Tax: RM14.90

Relive the Swinging Sixties with The Beatles, a nostalgic celebration of the most important and infl..
RM59.90 RM12.90
Ex Tax: RM12.90

What would you do if you found yourself inside a world of intrigue, betrayal and wonder like the on ..
RM112.30 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

Introducing the world's most desirable cars, including the Bugatti Veyron and LaFerrari, this book i..
RM77.90 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

The definitive guide to creating classic cocktails. Whether you want to host the perfect party, or j..
RM89.90 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

Kit includes over 50 pieces with sparkly thread and star charms, colour thread and star charms, colo..
RM89.90 RM24.90
Ex Tax: RM24.90

When Nicolaus Copernicus claimed that the Earth was not stationary at the centre of the universe but..
RM53.90 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Whether as a party snack or a light meal, meatballs and skewers are always well-received! However, t..
RM104.65 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

In the past decades, Japanese food has become part of the global culinary scene: sushi, maki, miso s..
RM104.65 RM29.90
Ex Tax: RM29.90

This is not about minimalism and understatement! Quite to the contrary, the velvet-covered volume is..
RM269.80 RM54.90
Ex Tax: RM54.90

This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest trends in contemporary design for small apartments..
RM69.65 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

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