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Architecture & Design

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This is not about minimalism and understatement! Quite to the contrary, the velvet-covered volume is..
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This is a superbly illustrated look at the latest trends in contemporary design for small apartments..
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Istanbul bridges Europe and Asia. Based in that city, Autoban is one of the most soughtafter design ..
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Architecture in Europe has always been characterized by an inimitable variety of style. Also current..
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A luxury on stilts,a bar in Bangkok that looks like a UfO,and an underground museum.What do all thes..
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Beyond Growth tells a regional story that the whole world should hear. The needs of the emerging wor..
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From the people who showed you the secrets to having beautiful kitchens, pools and baths, comes the ..
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The suggestive power of packaging as a communication tool. Packaging is the face of a product. Packa..
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If you approach Venice by way of the lagoon, the city appears to be as homogenous as a single buildi..
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Rome: The Golden Centuries unfolds the magnificent panorama of the Eternal City, long recognized as ..
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The starkness of architecture is presented here is suggested by the title: Minimal The Big Book of M..
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This book uncovers one of the most interesting architectural trends of recent times: the remodelling..
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1000 New Designs 2 and Where to Find Them is a comprehensive round-up of the best in contemporary de..
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Design: an essential introduction is a highly illuminating primer that explores and explains the dif..
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The official Design Museum: A-Z of Design & Designers is the guide to the world's leading design..
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This book chronicles the history of DP Architects and its involvement in the creation of Singapore's..
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Downs House II presents an original and comprehensive overview of the home that local architect Barr..
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Dhivehi Raaje - the authentic local word for Maldives, has always been a fascinating place for visit..
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From the first utopian impulse of Plato's Republic to today's global border controls and public spac..
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Using ten landscape architectural projects on three continents, Landscapes and Gardens presents the ..
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