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Luxury resorts on stilts, a bar that looks like a UFO on the streets of Bangkok, and an underground ..
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Featuring the 'New 7 Wonders' such as the colosseum in Italy, the great wall of China, the Taj Mahal..
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This guide is designed to help you get the best out of Paris, with timed and mapped itineraries with..
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Annually, more than 4,000,000 tourists cross the Atlantic to enjoy the island's myriad charms, inclu..
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Romance and adventure amidst the sunlit sea - the stuff that dreams are made of - are the inspiratio..
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With a new preface by the author - As featured in the upcoming motion picture Everest, starring Jas..
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From venerable Westminster Abbey to the cutting-edge exhibitions of the Tate Modern art museum, from..
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Whether you are looking to find a new challenge on your doorstep, tempt friends to race one another ..
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The visionary writer Iain Sinclair turns his sights to the Beat Generation in America in his most ep..
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Now available in paperback, this reference book has everything we need to make sense of todays world..
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Spring was already in the air, in the town; there was no rain but there was still less sun - one won..
RM66.12 RM17.90
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"Key Guide Portugal" is an in-depth travel guide to the places you'll want to see when visiting this..
RM87.70 RM19.90
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Following the success of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die and Unforgettable Things to Do B..
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Amsterdam is famed for its pretty canals, world-class galleries and edgy night life, but, as with an..
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Peter Conrad, who was born in Tasmania, has produced an original and highly personal account of the ..
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Packed with practical information on everything from local transport to local language, this book is..
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"My Amalfi Coast" is a loving memoir of the place Amanda called home for so many years, and a guide ..
RM146.00 RM24.90
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Take the trouble out of travel with "AA KeyGuides". The series now covers Italy, aimed at independen..
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When Ruth Padel saw an advert for a cheap break to India, she decided to visit what she had always w..
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A New York Times Notable Book Winner of the Kiriyama Book Prize In the heart of China's Sichuan prov..
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