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Non-fiction: Personal Development

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CAUTION: To all the world's thinkers, artists, poets, and misfits: SoulPancake is a movement to chew..
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An indispensable compendium of essential knowledge and troubleshooting tips. Tapping into the hotte..
RM134.70 RM29.90
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From the author of the bestselling book Pirates and our own How To See Faeries (with Brian Froud) co..
RM123.80 RM34.90
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Celebrate life with this beautiful and inspiring new gift book from best-selling author Sandra Magsa..
RM58.40 RM14.90
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You can be a genius too! Learn the skills and hacks from the greatest minds in history! From creativ..
RM76.40 RM17.90
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REGAIN, RETRAIN, AND MAINTAIN YOUR BRAIN Help Prevent Memory Loss, Increase Brain Agility - Reduce R..
RM89.90 RM17.90
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As seen on Public Television! Our brains are hardwired for worry. At its best, worry helps us reflec..
RM71.90 RM17.90
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Gratitude is the simple, scientifically proven way to increase happiness and encourage greater joy, ..
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Brands are dead. Advertising no longer works. Consumers are in control. Or so we're told. In Buying ..
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New York Times Bestseller an all encompassing guide that parents will want for their teens this thor..
RM76.50 RM17.90
Ex Tax: RM17.90

Tony Robbins returns with a step-by-step playbook, taking you on a journey to transform your financi..
RM117.00 RM19.90
Ex Tax: RM19.90

"Live More, Want Less" gives readers a user-friendly non-judgmental approach to simplifying their li..
RM55.90 RM17.90
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A lot of preparation goes into the nine months before the delivery date. And it's often difficult fo..
RM67.30 RM19.90
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We all yearn to look back to find we lived a life of significance. But is it even possible anymore? ..
RM71.90 RM17.90
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The creators of the Freakonomics phenomenon unveil essential tools that will allow you to think like..
RM69.65 RM19.90
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Calling all bug-obsessed kids! Did you know that insects make up the largest group of animals on Ear..
RM89.80 RM17.90
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With fresh, elegant photography, this stunning volume presents more than sixty living bonsai masterp..
RM104.65 RM29.90
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"Comics Sketchbooks" presents the private notebooks of 76 of the worlds most inventive, innovative a..
RM202.30 RM39.90
Ex Tax: RM39.90

We forget our passwords. We pay too much to go to the gym. We think we d be happier if we lived in C..
RM63.00 RM17.90
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One of America s leading brand strategists shares her step-by-step program for creating an unforgett..
RM64.30 RM17.90
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