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Non-fiction: Personal Development

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Eating disorders. Steroids. Plastic Surgery. We'll do anything to look better and yet we still feel ..
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In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the word yoga means "spiritual discipline." Modern yoga is thoug..
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Science and Imagination Collide! "The Great Hall of Dinosaurs" is an illustrated guide to studying ..
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Mama always said, "Eat your peas. They're good for you!" These peas are sure to your favorites! If y..
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Let's face it, life can be hectic. These days we run into stress at home, in the office, in relation..
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From the "polio vaccine" to the "Post-It," the personal computer to "Prozac," these are the scientif..
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Using her experience as an agony aunt, Jenny Hare addresses all those questions of love that have tr..
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In "Animation Sketchbooks," fifty of the leading contemporary talents working in independent animati..
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Barry Neil Kaufman, theraphist, author, motivational speaker, and founder of the Option Institute, h..
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We live in a world of instant and constant communication, yet business still demands that we choose ..
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Why do you feel an instant attraction to one person and not another? And how can you help ensure tha..
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Imagine this… you get everything you want in life. Sounds good doesn’t it? But what does it mean? We..
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This inspiring journal suggests 365 simple ways to treat yourself kindly, make meaningful connection..
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Most of us know that it makes sense to get on with other people with work – with our bosses, colleag..
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Fierce Conversations is a style of conducting business. An attitude. A way of life. Communications e..
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This unique book explores the idea of becoming your own counsellor, and takes you step by step throu..
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Filled with more than 200 outrageous love ideas, Crazy Love believes that romance should be about ex..
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In The Leadership Engine, Noel Tichy showed how great companies strive to create leaders at all leve..
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Where does stress come from? For more than half a century, we've been told it comes from 'adverse ex..
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In the years since its publication in 1902, As a Man Thinketh has set thousands of men on the pathwa..
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