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Witty observations about the friendship between humans and felines based on the popular blog catvers..
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When the Sibley Guide to Birds was published in 2000, it was an overnight sensation, selling 500,000..
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This book follows the story of one the most iconic aircarfts from World War 2.Illustrated with colou..
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Dog lovers will laugh out loud at the quirkiness and unbridled enthusiasm of their canine pals in th..
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Cats were revered by the ancient Egyptians, beloved by the witches of Salem - and now find themselve..
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We know cats are beautiful, secretive, and independent ... but even the most loyal cat owners are of..
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The incredible sequel to the bestselling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB - the moving and uplifting true stor..
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Cats looks not only at how the wild cats of Africa became the tame cats of so many homes, but also e..
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The "Dinosaur Hunters" tells the story of our discovery of dinosaurs, from the eighteenth-century in..
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Featuring more than 600 questions about dinosaurs--such as What dinosaurs are thought to have evolve..
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From the front jacket: "Divided into two sections, the book explains in practical terms how to set ..
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Intimidated by dog health books that are overwhelming for the busy pet owner to read? The Whole Heal..
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When people gave up on Wylie, Wylie refused to give up on people.' For a street dog born in the cit..
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How do you choose the perfect combination of fish for your aquarium? How can you understand the natu..
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This reference guide features full color photos of different breeds of cats...
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Dr. Marty Becker has become known as "America's Veterinarian" because of his educational and enterta..
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