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Based on Nixon s overlooked recordings, "New York Times" bestselling author John W. Dean connects th..
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From the author of the international bestseller Debt: The First 5,000 Years comes a revelatory accou..
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TELL IT ALL, TELL IT EARLY, TELL IT YOURSELF These days, every scandal is tried in the court of publ..
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In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In became a massive cultural phenomenon and its title became an inst..
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TATAlog presents eight riveting and hitherto untold stories about the strategic and operational chal..
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"Dial M for Murdoch" uncovers the inner workings of one of the most powerful companies in the world:..
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With an introduction by Russell Brand What if a tiny, shadow elite rule the world from a secret roo..
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In The Future, former US Vice President Al Gore, explores the political, social and economic forces ..
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The mysterious world of elite combat units blown wide open… Find out how elite teams prepare for Clo..
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An extraordinary account of how a laborer's son rose to challenge the power of despots, I Refuse to ..
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This book, published to celebrate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, is a graphic account of the stormi..
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For one hundred and one days Asne Seierstad worked as a reporter in Baghdad. Always in search of a s..
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America's leading observer of the international scene on the minute-by-minute events of September 11..
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Is the Dalai Lama enters the twilight of his life, China patiently waits for him to die. The endgame..
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"My mother thought I was working for the Ministry of Ag. and Fish." So begins Noreen Riols' compelli..
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With the Eurozone engulfed in an unprecedented crisis, one political figure looms largest of all, An..
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