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Ethicist Singer and co-author Mason ("Animal Factories") document corporate deception, widespread wa..
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Aung San Suu Kyi is known for her courageous stand for democracy and human rights inside Burma (now ..
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The second volume of the bestselling landmark work on the history of the modern state Writing in Th..
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False economics. Threats, bribes, extortion. Debt, deception, coups, assassinations and unbridled mi..
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She was a heroine of our time, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a symbol of supreme courage in the..
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The mesmerizing story of Hillary Clinton's political rebirth, based on eyewitness accounts from deep..
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Margaret Thatcher is one of the most significant political figures of the twentieth century a Prime ..
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Vito Ciancimino - Don Vito da Corleone - spent forty years in the grip of death, mafia, politics, bu..
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World Book Month Promo (20% off selected titles)

On 19 August 2014, a member of the jihadist rebel group known as ISIS uploaded a video to YouTube. E..
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This is real Tehran: a city that is hidden from view and rarely written about, where survival depend..
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"Brilliant and entertaining." The New York Times Book Review This first-person chronicle by John Ree..
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The Little Book of Big Ideas: Politics covers the 50 most influential people in the history of world..
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Twenty-five years ago when Mathew Burrows went to work for the CIA as an intelligence analyst, the w..
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TELL IT ALL, TELL IT EARLY, TELL IT YOURSELF These days, every scandal is tried in the court of publ..
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In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In became a massive cultural phenomenon and its title became an inst..
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TATAlog presents eight riveting and hitherto untold stories about the strategic and operational chal..
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