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Nothing gets me to a bookstore faster than Eloisa James' - Julia Quinn From New York Times bestsell..
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How do you know if you've found "the one"? Can you really love the one you're with when you can't fo..
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Shortlisted for the Epic Novel award in the Romantic Novelists Association Books Awards. A lifelong..
RM44.85 RM17.90
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The Adultery Club: In an often grey world there are fifty shades of seduction. A wife, a husband, a ..
RM49.90 RM17.90
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``Eleanor and Park` reminded me not just what it's like to be young and in love with a girl, but als..
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From the bestselling author of The Ice Cream Girls, The Woman He Loved Before and My Best Friend's G..
RM72.75 RM17.90
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The Survivors' Club: Six men and one woman, all wounded in the Napoleonic Wars, their friendship for..
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Roz Harper is a woman who has lived life on her own terms. She had dearly loved her first husband. ..
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Baby ProofEmily Griffin A novel that explores the question: Is there ever a deal-breaker when it com..
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I'm looking for that perfect blend of flavours; the taste that used to be you.' It's been 18 months ..
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Luca Amore runs a cooking school in the Sicilian mountain town of Favio, using the recipes passed do..
RM51.90 RM17.90
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Surrounded by the sweeping cliffs and beauty of Big Sur, California, Kate Powell treasures her life ..
RM32.90 RM17.90
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Romantic, liberating and totally addictive, `Fifty Shades of Grey` is a novel that will obsess you, ..
RM43.95 RM17.90
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Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares that she turns into extrao..
RM61.90 RM17.90
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He wasn't civilized or tame. He had his own code and he lived by it. Monk. Bounty hunter. Vampire sl..
RM61.20 RM17.90
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From Sheila O'Flanagan, the Number One bestselling author of Someone Special and Things We Never Say..
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