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Science & Nature

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The scale of the cosmos can be baffling, with distances so vast and timescales to long that it's eas..
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Why do we breathe? What is money? How does the brain work? Why did life invent sex? Does time really..
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Did you know the first blood transfusions were between people and lambs? Or that the first prostheti..
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This innovative title looks at the history of the Web from its early roots in the research projects ..
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New title in the authoritative and prestigous Times world atlas range. This stunning reference atlas..
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Now from the editors who have already produced "Wonders of Life" and "Heaven on Earth" - as well as ..
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Starmus is an incredible series of talks, articles and recollections that celebrate the human explor..
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In Mind Change, Susan Greenfield discusses the all-pervading technologies that now surround us, and ..
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Here is a new, compact gift edition of Steve Blooms breathtaking photographs of wildlife around the ..
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The history of science abounds with momentous theories that disrupted conventional wisdom and yet we..
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Flowering Plants is a comprehensive source of botanical information. More than 100 flowering plant f..
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If your scientific knowledge is hazy and you want to keep up with the remarkable stories you re seei..
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The Atlas of Life on Earth offers a comprehensive, chronological survey of the Earth, its landscape ..
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In Sensation, leading psychologist Thalma Lobel takes us on a trip around the senses, revealing the ..
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The Secret Life of Space is the definitive guide to understanding the key breakthroughs and discover..
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Africa does not give up its secrets easily. Buried there lie answers about the origins of humankind ..
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Can you make yourself, your kids, and your parents smarter? Expanding upon one of the most-read "New..
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Hidden Histories: Trees' reminds us of the rich heritage that the trees of the world have to offer. ..
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Color photographs of wild cats all over the world with clear, informative captions...
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Discover the truth about sharks, the deadliest predators of the marine world.Features true stories o..
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