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Science & Nature

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Do you know which countries border Afghanistan? Or the difference between Micronesia and Melanesia? ..
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Why have we humans always longed to connect with something larger than ourselves? Even today in our ..
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In Can Crocodiles Cry? Paul Heiney unravels further science behind those things we take for granted,..
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More than 80,000 species of trees today cover a full 30 percent of the earth's land mass and have do..
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The New York Times-bestselling author of The Compass of Pleasure examines how our sense of touch is ..
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Ever wondered how to get the best from your camera when taking photographs of plants and fungi in th..
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Descriptive and Surgical aimed 'to furnish the Student and Practitioner with an accurate view of the..
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"The Mini Archive" series is a new series capturing the best of the best of ancient, rare, and signi..
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We human beings have trouble with infinity - yet infinity is a surprisingly human subject. Philosoph..
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Looks at the amazing range of life on our planet. "The Great Apes" tells of the evolution, social cu..
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HRH The Prince of Wales reveals how the solutions to our most pressing modern challenges, from clima..
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Green China captures the glory of China's natural world through Heather Angel's photographs, most ta..
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Beautiful and fascinating guides to the natural world Full colour photography of each species/breed/..
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This 'Classic New Scientist Q&As' - now fully illustrated. Illustrated for the first time, with ..
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Who wore the first pair of glasses? When was the first newspaper printed? Who took the first photogr..
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Science is a visually stunning introduction to all the major scientific disciplines, covering chemis..
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"Time" joins scientists in the field, visits with indigenous people and consults with experts to rep..
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In his first ever Deadly Diaries Steve Backshall shares what it means to him to film the world's top..
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Providing a tour through the history of inventions and their inventors through time, this work discu..
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We are all familiar with the idea that machines are powered by electricity, but perhaps not so aware..
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