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Proclaimed the young fighter from Louisville. Most boxing fans criticised this upstart and few belie..
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Muhammad Ali was not only the greatest heavyweight boxer ever to have stepped into the ring, he was ..
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A comprehensive, richly illustrated guide for bicycle enthusiasts offers step-by-step instruction in..
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The average person isn't looking to be in a situation where fists are going to fly, but many of us h..
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Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts & Practical Applications represents an international gathe..
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This is the new, fully revised, sixth edition of this ultimate reference tool for all coaches respon..
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This book contains all the Rules of the game as revised 1st January, 2016, together with over 100 i..
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"In this book, Ben doesn't allow injury, setbacks, and disappointments to define him. His faith and ..
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Fit to Run: The Complete Guide to Injury-Free Running has been written to help runners avoid the kin..
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A lively retelling of the history of tennis, using never-before-published photographs and rare memor..
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There is nothing more expensive than a megayacht - private jets and exclusive holiday villas are sma..
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Practical and engaging, this book will show you how to fit running into your everyday routine as wel..
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Dan Docherty's The Complete Tai Chi Tutor leads you on a spiritual journey towards understanding the..
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"Breaking 100, 90, 80 -- Take Your Game to the Next Level " Tee Shots: Hitting More Fairways Accur..
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Whether you are a seasoned runner looking to hit your personal best, or a first-time runner wonderin..
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The sport of running is ever changing, be it the shoes to wear or the goals to set, the training met..
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Complete Mountain Bike Maintenance provides mountain bike enthusiasts with step-by-step guidance to ..
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Written by marathoner and Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee, Sally Edwards, The Big Book of Running ad..
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The Encyclopedia of Formula 1 chronicles the history of the world championship, from Giuseppe Farina..
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This new addition to the well-known Complete Guide series will become an instant classic and essenti..
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