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10 September 1961: at the boomerang-shaped racetrack at Monza, in northern Italy, half a dozen teams..
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Elite Performance: Running is the second in a new series of Elite Performance titles aimed at aspiri..
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The autobiography of Liverpool FC and Ireland legend Ronnie WhelanÿIn a frank and full-hearted autob..
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Keith Dewhurst first fell in love with Manchester United as a schoolboy in 1946. Ten years later he ..
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No nation has so closely aligned its national identity with playing and watching football as Brazil...
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As Lance Armstrong’s precipitous fall from grace continues, New York Times sports reporter Juliet Ma..
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"The Complete Martial Arts Training Manual" is for beginners who want to explore options in terms of..
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Published to mark the 100th anniversary of the world's most prestigious cycle race - the Tour de Fra..
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The 100 Greatest Olympians and Paralympians celebrates the mighty achievements of 100 elite athletes..
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Just forty years ago, Jim Hines ran the 100 metres in under 10 seconds. Now Usain Bolt is inching cl..
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This unforgettable account of Muhammad Ali's rise and self-creation, told by a Pullitzer Prize-winni..
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From the author of the phenomenally popular Short Game Bible and Putting Bible comes a third golf in..
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The practical application of exercise theory by strength and conditioning coaches the world over has..
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Ian Thorpe's achievements in the water are nothing short of phenomenal. He has won a record-holding ..
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The hottest instructor in golf?("Sports Illustrated") presents a revolutionary guide for lowering yo..
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World-renowned Kung Fu Master Waysun Johnny Tsai shares his practical self defense techniques in thi..
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It may be a nice relaxing game to play at the weekend, but to those picking up a club for the first ..
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Mapping Le Tour charts the course of every race route in cycling's most prestigious event, including..
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In the late 1920s, Frenchman Jules Rimet had a grand vision for a global football tournament: he nam..
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"Tour de France: The Complete History of the World's Greatest Cycle Race" plots the evolution of thi..
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