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True Crime

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Financial Fraud' is a great read because corruption and greed are universal. Starting with Nick Lees..
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The Stardust...The Fremont...The Marina. They ran them all. And they lost. Big time. No one knew mor..
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Kathryn Bonella lifts the lid on Bali's nightmarish narcotics underworld. Among the island's drug d..
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Praise for the first edition: This book should be of considerable interest to a broad range of gene..
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This is The New York Times Bestseller. Why would you kill your neighbour? Based on the best part of ..
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Legal Highs are without doubt the biggest drug scourge to blight the world since recreational drugs ..
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Find 50 dastardly deeds that shook the world like: Mata Hari, Ned Kelly, The Cambridge Spies, The th..
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Over the last 100 years the way in which crime is detected and criminals are identified and convicte..
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A chilling account of the world's most horrific murderers...
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This thrilling read delves into the murky business of underworld crime, documenting real-life tales ..
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The consequences of CRIMES OF PASSION are captured in this chilling book, which documents over 100 c..
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Do aliens really exist? Did Elvis Presley really leave the building? Enter the world of dark and sin..
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Alison Hewitt was in the midst of training to be a family doctor when she met Al Amin Dhalla through..
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Archibald Hall was one of Scotland's most enigmatic criminals. A man of multiple personae, Hall was ..
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A few months earlier, she had been running the Bling Ring: a gang of rich, beautiful, wild-living Va..
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In February 2013, the news of successful model Reeva Steenkamp's fatal shooting by her boyfriend and..
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