Best Ever Vegetarian Cookbook

There has never been a better time to enjoy appetizing, economical and innovative vegetarian food. This book contains a selection of delicious recipes, from the old-fashioned comfort of a warming soup such as Classic French Onion, to enticing recipes from world cuisines such as Vegetable Fajitas. The dishes celebrate the diversity of choice in the vegetarian diet, from salads and light lunches to elaborate main courses for special occasions. Perfect for those wanting to expand their repertoire of vegetarian recipes, as well as people wanting to embark on a healthier lifestyle, this book is proof that eating the vegetarian way is both nutritious and exciting.

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ISBN 9781843097846
Categories BX, Cookbooks, Food and Drinks, New Arrivals, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle
Author(s) Linda Fraser
Publisher Anness Publishing
Pages 256
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