Great Expectations

Charles Dickens, famous for the indelible child characters he created - from Little Nell to Oliver Twist and David Copperfield - was also the father of ten children (and a possible eleventh). What happened to those children is the fascinating subject of Robert Gottlieb's Great Expectations. With sympathy and understanding he narrates the highly various and surprising stories of each of Dickens' sons and daughters, from Kate, who became a successful artist, to Frank, who died in Moline, Illinois, after serving a grim stretch in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Each of these lives is fascinating on its own. Together they comprise a unique window into Victorian England as well as a moving and disturbing study of Dickens as a father and as a man.

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ISBN 9781250039460
Categories BUY8, BX, Classics, Classics and Literary, Fiction
Author(s) Robert Gottlieb
Publisher Picador USA
Pages 256
Format Paperback
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