Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead

Highfather, leader of the New Gods, has long studied the infinite and
infinitely mysterious Source Wall which surrounds the universe. Now, he has
learned that during "Green Lantern: Lights Out," the ring-wielders broke through
the Wall and stole secrets of cosmic importance. Determined to breach the Source
Wall himself, Highfather must gain one of each colored ring in the emotional
spectrum. But even mighty Highfather doesn't know all, and the forces he's about
to unleash will have transformative effects on the whole DC Universe! Cosmic
mystery, overwhelming odds, familiar and brand-new New Gods - this one's
got it all!
Collects Green Lantern/New Gods: God Head #1, Green Lantern
#35-37, Green Lantern Corps #35-37, Green Lantern: New Guardians
#35-37, Red Lanterns #35-37, Sinestro #6-8, and Green
Lantern Annual #3.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781401258474
Categories BX, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics, WBD
Author(s) Jensen, Van
Publisher DC Comics
Pages 424
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 17.6cm x 2.4cm x 27.7cm
Weight 1.0 kg
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