Milon's Quick-Fix: Instant Lesson Plans For English Teachers Plan-B

This course book was created exclusively for teachers, to aid them in their daily English subject teaching in classrooms. The printable worksheets included here will provide them with ready-made lesson plans that cover a wide range of subjects, historical, geographical, travel, as well as compelling news and events. Teachers who are looking for fresh ideas and teaching techniques, will find the hints and tips on how to make teaching grammar and vocabulary interesting, while making the lessons fun, so that their students will never get bored. The writer has compiled articles, extracts from books, documentaries and used a wide range of English teaching resources to create lessons that are interactive and focused on conversation, writing, grammar and vocabulary. They can be used for both one on one lessons, or for group classes.

Product Overview
ISBN 9789671564974
Categories Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) Milon Nandy
Publisher Kualiti Books
Pages 100
Format Paperback
Dimensions 21cm x 15cm x 1cm
Weight 0.3 kg