Skogluft (Forest Air): The Norwegian Secret To Bringing The Right Plants Indoors To Improve Your Health And Happiness

Why do we spend so much time indoors, which is not our natural habitat Why have trends such as forest-bathing become so popular The answer to the last question lies in the proven benefits we obtain from our connection with nature from increased productivity to feelings of happiness and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.For millions of years, humans developed in natural environments, in close contact with sunlight, vegetation and fresh air. But most of us spend 80-90% of our time indoors far from the environments for which we are naturally suited and in which we evolved. Skoglufts mission is to bring a natural living environment back into your home and workplace.Based on years of research data on the impact between nature and people, gathered together by a Norwegian mechanical engineer, Jorn Viumdal, Skogluft reveals how installing a wall of easily available plants in your home environment can dramatically improve health, strengthen the immune system and increase productivity. The plants are easily available, cheap to buy and simple to look after.Here is a low-tech solution to a problem created by our increasing dependence on a world dominated by high technology. Learn the simple techniques to beautify your world and create air you can live with all year around and experience the health and wellness effects for yourself.

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ISBN 9780008317447
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Author(s) Viumdal, Jorn
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 288
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