The Hunger Type Diet

The Age of Personalized Dieting is Here! New York--Nourish Books announces the publication of a new type of diet book--one that works with your personal metabolism and hormonal makeup. With so many diet books on the shelf, it can be daunting to pick one. Most of these books promote one type of diet for all, but what about the diet that is designed specifically for YOU? With her newest book, The Hunger Type Diet, journalist and trained nutritionist Lowri Turner has the answer to this question! Rather than just throwing facts and diet tips at you like most of her contemporaries, Turner gets down to the nitty gritty of why you eat the way you do and how to fix it. Combining science, compassion, and humor, Turner presents a no-guilt, no-blame way of understanding the deeply rooted connection between your mood and food. We are all different - physically, mentally, and hormonally - and all of these factors contribute to how and what we eat. Do find yourself reaching for the potato chips when you're feeling upset? Or maybe you find other diets difficult because no matter how hard you try, you cannot stop craving chocolate, cake, and other sweet treats. While other diets may blame you for not putting down the snacks and going for a jog instead, The Hunger Type Diet teaches you how your moods create your hunger patterns--and better yet--what you can do to break those habits quickly with a diet plan designed just for you. Complete the simple 33 question quiz to determine which of the 11 Hunger Types you are. It's simple, fast, and effective! Dive into Turner's thorough analysis of your specific Hunger Type and why your hormones might be the culprit of your unhealthy eating patterns. Find out if you are a Cravings Hunger Type, a Winter Depression Hunger Type, or one of 9 other types! Finally, either begin your 14-Day Hunger Type Weight Loss Food Plan, designed specifically for you to help you lose weight quickly and healthily--or do the optional 48 Hour Rehab juice cleanse before starting your Hunger Type diet. By opting for the 48 Hour Rehab juice cleanse, you embark on a two day detox to realign your natural hunger signals and supercharge your body. While this cleanse is not required to complete your Hunger Type Diet, it will jumpstart your weight loss and educate you on your own food patterns with the Mood and Food Diary. Whether you complete the 48 Hour Rehab or not, you are more than ready to start your 14-Day Hunger Type Weight Loss Food Plan. Combined with healthy living tips ranging from meditation to taking a multivitamin depending on your Hunger Type, each diet plan is designed to help you lose weight, keep it off, and completely revamp the way you eat. Stop blaming yourself for every time you've ever gone for the unhealthy option. The Hunger Type Diet is the simple, effective solution that not only helps you lose weight, but shows you the path to understanding the all-important relationship between your head and your gut!

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