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The Seat

It’s a few days before the 14th General Election. The P117 candidate makes a strong bid for the seat. “Segambut is symbolic for Malaysia. This is a crucial seat. When you go out to vote, remember, the nation is looking at you Segambut voters.” The intriguing claim sets Satya off on a journey of Segambut memories – that left strong imprints, and some dark shadows. In the Disco era, Satya’s father built his ideal house in Kampung Sungai Jerneh, a thriving commune along Segambut’s grandest landmark, its railway line. Its settlers bonded through politics, pop culture, “river meetings” and the lure of curry and wajik.  As such hamlets morphed into a skyscraper township, the railway line became an obscure prop. Waterfalls and rivers vanished or went past teh tarik shade to become the grey of threatening skies on a bad monsoon day. True-blue natives slowly compromised, relocated, scattered. Will Malaysia Baru really care?

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ISBN 9789672328179
Categories BX, Malay Books, Novel, Novel & Sastera
Author(s) GEETHA K
Publisher Buku Fixi
Pages 293
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