Great Buildings: The World's Architectural Masterpieces Explored And Explained (Dk)

Explore the world's most fascinating historical and contemporary buildings, from ancient pyramids to hi-tech skyscrapers, in this essential guide to architecture. Great Buildings gives you an overview of the history of architecture from the ancient world to the present day. It takes you on guided tours of more than 50 masterpieces of every architectural style, from the Great Pyramid of Giza to Chartres Cathedral, Sydney Opera House, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Each building is analysed visually. CGI cutaway artworks peel away roofs and walls to reveal the bones of the building, and close-up photographs home in on details of style. Great Buildings takes a truly global look at both historical and contemporary architecture. It shows you how to "read" buildings and work out when they were constructed. What is the difference between a Doric and an Ionic column? How does a flying buttress work? Why do concrete balconies appear to float in thin air? You will find the answers here, along with a wealth of intriguing stories about the patrons, builders, and architects who made each architectural masterpiece possible. Reading Great Buildings is like being taken on a personal tour by a guide who shows you exactly what to look at.

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