Lingo Bingo: The Office

Bored of business jargon? Tired of hearing the same expressions at meetings and in emails? This game brings a fresh perspective to the world of office speak. From more recent sign-of-the-times expressions such as 'al desco' and influencer to old favourites like 'blue-sky thinking' (via linguistic gems including 'entremanure'!), this 'repurposing' of the classic game of bingo will provide endless fun for anyone who's ever worked in an office. The accompanying booklet clarifies the origin and usage of all the expressions included, so players can use (or avoid) them as they wish a 'win-win situation!

Product Overview
ISBN 9781856699693
Categories CBD2, Games and Toys, GHPH, Hidden Gems, Non-Book
Author(s) Stephen Ellcock
Publisher Laurence King Publishing
Pages -
Format Mixed-Media
Dimensions 22.6cm x 6.1cm x 22.5cm
Weight 1.15 kg
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