*Alibaba Way: Unleashing Grass

The ultimate e-commerce success story-a powerful new growth model for small business start-ups and grassroots entrepreneursOne of the world's fastest growing Internet companies, Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma have inspired a generation of young Chinese-not just as a road map to riches, but as a lesson in entrepreneurial individualism. This illuminating guide takes you inside this global giant of e-commerce and shows you how to build your own small business from a grassroots vision to a world-class operation.Using Alibaba's incredible success as a case study, the book identifies the driving forces behind job growth, innovation, and sustainability in the Digital Age. It shows you how to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, realize your grassroots ambitions, and use technology-driven platforms to grow your company across multiple markets. The Alibaba Way shows you a proven way to survive and thrive.Dr. Ying Lowrey is an Economics Professor at the School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and Deputy Director of Tsinghua Research Center for Chinese Entrepreneurs.

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ISBN 9781259585401
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Author(s) Ying Lowrey
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