Animals, Birds & Fish Of British Isles, The Complete Illustrated Guide

The British Isles provide a temperate climate and a rich feeding ground for many species of animals, birds and fish. From puffins in the Scilly Isles to the graceful red deer roaming the Scottish Highlands, there is a surprising diversity of life in this part of the world. This easy-reference guide provides essential information about British habitats and the many and varied creatures found in them. Native and visiting birds and animals are all included, so that nature lovers can find out about all the species that might be seen around the British Isles. Illustrated directories feature familiar garden visitors, such as the common frog, hedgehog, blue tit and jackdaw, hawks, deer and rodents, as well as rarely seen animals such as the Western barbastelle bat, the white-beaked dolphin and king eider duck. Each main entry details the animal's habitat and distribution, size, food and breeding information, and includes a description together with helpful identification advice. With entries for over 440 creatures, and beautifully illustrated with over 950 artworks, identification photographs and distribution maps, this book will make an indispensable addition to any nature lover's bookshelf.

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ISBN 9781846815447
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Author(s) Daniel Gilpin
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Pages 256
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