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Wordbirds: An Irreverent Lexicon For The 21Sdt Century.

This charming and whimsically illustrated book of newly minted words--on politics and the media, love and friendship, work, play, family, fashion, and city life--presents a necessary vocabulary for the ever-changing customs of the young millennium. If you've escaped binary confinement and find yourself rushing cell-mell to a clusterfete-- slurpwalking as you commutikaze--then who are you? You are a typical citizen of the young millennium, caught up in the fast-paced megatasking socio-professional whirl of our ever-evolving digitally-enhanced lives. If you've ever wondered what to call it when you answer the TV remote instead of the phone, or wished you had a phrase to capture your supervisor's stealth campaign to stall your career, here is your guide. Now you can say "Oops, droidian slip!" with ease, and call out your boss for the impedimentor that he is. Armed with Wordbirds, you will be able to skillfully talk your way into, or out of, any situation the twenty-first century throws at you. With 150 gorgeous, Audubony, highly expressive bird illustrations, these neologisms will have you crowing with delight, and show you that fine feathers make fine words. Why birds, you may ask? Hadn't you heard? The bird is the word. Now stop deliberotting and open this book!

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ISBN 9781476713489
Categories BX, Language, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Personal Development, Reference
Author(s) ??Liesl Schillinger?,
Pages 224
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