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Puppy Bible: The Ultimate Week-By-Week Guide To Raising Your Puppy

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Dimensions: L: 19.05cm x W: 1.27cm x H: 23.37cm

Product Code: 9781770851931

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An owner's guide to giving a puppy a successful start to life. Puppy Bible is uniquely designed to guide new puppy owners on a week-by-week basis from the all-important planning and decision stages, up to those exciting first days at home, through the first six months of a puppy's life and beyond. The book is divided into two parts. First, a clearly illustrated, week-by-week planner that educates the owner about a number of important topics, including: The puppy's physical and mental development What the owner should do at every stage of the puppy's growth Newborn: 8-week countdown to puppy's arrival Toddler: weeks 9 to 12 Juvenile: weeks 13 to 18 Adolescent: weeks 19 to 24 Six months and beyond Common problems that may occur. The information in part one is cross-referenced to part two of the book, a comprehensive encyclopedia covering all areas of puppy care with detailed expert advice on a wide number of topics, such as: House training General care and grooming Health Breed-specific considerations Behavior Socialization Obedience training Diet Socialization and troubleshooting Canine first aid. When it comes to puppies, it's important to do it right from the very first day. What happens in the first sixteen weeks of its life sets the tone for the rest of the dog's life. While Puppy Bible is designed primarily for those first 16 weeks, it will be useful at any stage of the dog's life: training needs occasional reinforcement, general care and grooming are always important, and a source of first aid care is essential.

Book Title Puppy Bible: The Ultimate Week-By-Week Guide To Raising Your Puppy
ISBN 9781770851931
By Author(s) Alison Smith
Publisher Firefly Books
Pages 288
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.05cm x 1.27cm x 23.37cm
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