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About Us

BookXcess started in 2006 – and back then, we were just a small bookstore with a big dream: helping Malaysians kick-start their reading habit. Pick up any book off our shelves and you’ll notice that it’s priced at about 80% less than any other bookstores… but they’re brand new.
Not old, not second-hand or damaged – but brand new. How does this work?

1.    Books are printed by the publisher, then sent to the bookstores to be sold.
2.    Unsold books, still new and unread, are often dumped, shredded, pulped… or sold off as remainder books.
3.    We purchase these remainder books at low prices, and pass the savings on to all readers and book lovers, giving all these books a new home.

Some cases may have minor shelf wear and the publisher may place a mark (a small line or dot) on the edge of the book to identify it as a Remainder Book. But this does not mean the books are damaged or used in any way.

We’re also the proud parents of the world’s biggest book sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, but at our retail outlets and online store offers 50%-80% discount off all books, 365 days a year! So, with us, every day is a warehouse sale – except you get the comfort and convenience of a standard bookstore, too. And with the online store – book shopping from the comforts of your own home, anytime anywhere!
It’s more than just books we love – we love the worlds it can take you into, the joy it can bring and how much it nurtures the curious mind. From fiction to non-fiction, from children’s readers to references, from cookbooks to art and design coffee table books – we’re an alternative bookstore that has them all! 

Warmest regards,
The BookXcess Team

Samples of remainder marks and shelf wear: